Blue Wizard

Blue Wizard loves black metal, The Smiths, and dungeoneering. He has a sick magic tattoo of a squid that moves around his left arm. He is half-orc but was raised in a mostly Human city.

Blue Wizard is a hedge wizard, he has no formal training. He relies on magic items more than his own skill.

Hex Witch

A master of the dark arts, witchcraft, transformation sciences, energy tantra and lover of Pagan Metal. Hex Witch is is one of a kind.

She graduated first in her class at Witchchester Institute of Hexology double majoring in Post-Modern Witchcraft, and Transformation Science (she also minored in the Dark Arts.) She loves Depeche Mode.


Tracker Mage

Tracker Mage is a well known bounty hunter, private investigator and sometimes Wizard Bondsman.

His favorite bands are Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Joy Division.





Sniper Witch

You do not fuck with Sniper Witch.

Sniper Witch is an elite witch. They are feared across all the kingdoms. Their weapon case is covered in their favorite bands’ stickers Opeth, Kanye West, Mindless Self Indulgence.

Sniper Witch is covered in magical tattoos, and hides dangerous magical items all over their person.